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We need to reform aid policies in states hit by conflict
Vulnerability and Risk Assessment in Famine Prone Communities: Towards an Effective Preparedness Planning. 1985 CRED Working Paper.
Trends of health indicators in Zimbabwe, a CE-DAT technical brief 2009 CE-DAT Working Paper Madelene Jönsson
The many victims of war: Indirect Conflict deaths
The Many Victims of War: Indirect Conflict Deaths 2008 Global Burden of Armed Violence, Geneva Declaration Secretariat, Geneva, pp.31-48. Ratnayake, R.
The Management of Nutritional Emergencies in Large Populations (in English and French) 1978 WHO, pp. 64-80 De Ville de Goyet, C.
The importance of conflict-related mortality in civilian populations.
The Funding of Malaria Research: Where It Goes and Why 1991 Commissioned Paper, In: Malaria: Future issues and Trends, U. S. National Academy of Science, Institute of Medicine, Washington D.C. Hariga, F.
The Democratic Republic of the Congo: Analysis of mortality and nutrition surveys 2000—2004
The Democratic Republic of the Congo: A brief analysis of anthropometric survey from 2000—2006
The Complex Emergency Database: a global repository of small-scale surveys on nutrition, health and mortality 2014 Plos One ; 9 (10) [ID n°310} Debyy Guha Sapir
The burden of armed conflict: a public health approach 2013 Micro-Level Perspective on the Dynamics of Conflict, Violence and Development (Edited by P.Justino, T. Brück, and P. Verwimp), Oxford: Oxford University Press. Pp.183-205 Debarati Guha Sapir
Spending on humanitarian assistance: Issues related to international statistical reporting 1998 CRED Internal Working Document, CRED: Brussels Dedeurwaerdere A.
Send food to Somalia - answer question later 2011 Financial Times
Reproductive health needs of refugees: Evidence from three camps in Ethiopia (Final Report) 1997 EEC-ECHO, ECHO/ET-/B7-219/95/0101 Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters - CRED
Report on Sudan. Emergency Preparedness Response Programme 1991 Interim Project Report . CRED, Brussels Hariga, F.
Report on Mortality and Nutrition in Darfur, Sudan: Jul./03 – Jan./05
Reinforcing Data Reporting from Refugee Settings. Project Report
Refugees and Emergency Thresholds in 2005. A data review of field surveys in 2005 from Complex Emergency Database (CE-DAT)
Proposed principles and guidelines for the collection and dissemination of disaster related data 1992 Report on the IERRIS Workshop, 7-9 September 1992 Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters - CRED
Press Release: Scientific evidence supports UN OCHA extrapolation on Darfur mortality
Press Release: Scientific evidence supports UN OCHA extrapolation on Darfur mortality
People affected by conflict: Humanitarian needs in numbers 2013 CENTRE FOR RESEARCH ON THE EPIDEMIOLOGY OF DISASTERS – CRED (2013) CRED: Brussels.
Patterns of mortality rates in Darfur conflict 2010 The Lancet, 375: 294-300
Mortality in the Darfur Conflict: A study of large-scale patterns on a meta-analysis of small-scale survey, Dissertation submitted of the requirements for the degree of Docteur en Sciences Médicales 2011 UCL, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Brussels
Mortality in Iraq (Letter) 2007 Lancet, 369: 102 Pedersen, J.
Mortality in Darfur: Lessons for Humanitarian Policy 2011 MICROCON Policy Brief
Mortality and nutrition surveys by non-governmental organisations. Perspectives from the CE-DAT database.
Mortality and nutrition surveys by Non-Governmental organisations. Perspectives from the CE-DAT database 2007 Emerging Themes in Epidemiology, 4: 11


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